Kelvin Square Softbox SNAPBAG Medium for Epos Series


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Kelvin Square Softbox SNAPBAG Medium for Epos Series

The octagonal RABBIT-ROUNDER® SNAPBAG® with 3 diameter made for Kelvin gives unlimited possibilities to light your story. 

Thanks to our highly reflective fabrics you will get maximum light output. Even without a baffle, they deliver even illumination across the front. The RABBIT ROUNDER® is the versatile, one-system answer to mounting a variety of DoPchoice SNAPBAGS®, Octas, and Lanterns to Kelvin light fixtures with Bowens mounts.

Key features:

Intensified soft light. Shine bright. The Kelvin made by DoPchoice SNAPBAGS® use reflecting fabric to intensify the light of your lighting fixture.

Easy handling. It’s a snap. Mounting the Kelvin made by DoPchoice SNAPBAGS® can be done in a matter of seconds. They are just as quick and simple to use as our award-winning SNAPGRIDS®.

No Speedring. No Hassle. The Kelvin made byDoPchoice SNAPBAGS® don’t need a Speedring, unless you really want to use one.


This flexible solution makes it quick, easy, and intuitive to set up a SNAPBAG®. Click out the arms, and sets them on the fixture. Lantern mounting takes a simple push open and a pinch to lock. Releasing takes a simple push of a button and an easy pull off. Done. Enjoy your ultimate Kelvin lighting kit.

Patent No

Patent: US 8014654 / US 8824877 & others pending

Mounting System


Product Number

Product Number: SBK-EPOS-O3

Whats in the box?

Kelvin SNAPBAG Octa 3′

2 Diffusions


Carry bag

Modify the Full Spectrum of Color.

Use high-quality light modifiers to get the best possible results from your Kelvin light. Gone are the days when a light was just a light. The Cantastoria Engine utilizes Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Cyan, and Lime. The result is an infinite color palette of precisely mixed light. The color accuracy and light quality are in a league of their own.

An ultra-precision tool with endless possibilities.

Reflectors, Octas, Snapboxes, Domes, you name it. Combine your Kelvin light with the best accessories on the market to modify your light the way you like it.

Our technology is your advantage on set.

The proprietary SNAP Technology, revolutionary self-tightening SNAPframes, and an innovative mounting system make life on set easier by ensuring a quick and taut fit when grids are used on a softbox or frame.

Modify to light your story.

The reason we don’t take shortcuts or accept compromises for our products is that truly we believe that only aiming for the best, will actually make a lasting impact. That’s why we’ve partnered up with DoPchoice for light-modifying accessories for Kelvin.  Made for Kelvin by DoP Choice.

Modify even further.

Add matching diffusions and snapgrids to your accessories to create the look you want. Even though every Kelvin light is easily controlled via the Narrator App or the controller of the light via touch screen or buttons, physical modifiers give you another level of control and new ways to shape light the way you want it.

The full package. Made for Kelvin lights.

Lightweight, yet sturdy, made to last, and built to be used tirelessly on set. Easy to set up, and store.

By the way, these things are built to do their job better than any other – so you won’t just see the difference, but feel the difference using these.

And every modifier comes in a nice bag, of course.

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