Kelvin Dome Diffuser for Epos Series


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Kelvin Dome Diffuser for Epos Series

Diffused light disperses light evenly across a subject and softens shadows. In general, it produces a more flattering image.

The Kelvin Epos Dome Diffuser is the perfect companion when using the Epos 300 with umbrellas, parabolic accessories or softboxes. It allows the light to spread in a very wide beam angle of 180 degrees, while also creating an omni point of light, which allows you to make the most out of the silver in softboxes and other modifiers in the same way a tungsten bulb traditionally would, giving you the same beautiful wrap you have been used to with traditional lighting modifiers.

Key features: 

  • Omni directional light
  • Perfect for softboxes or parabolic umbrellas
  • Let you make the most out of your traditional softboxes