Hive Lighting Studio Style Adjustable Yoke Mount


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Hive Lighting Studio Style Adjustable Yoke Mount

The Studio Style Adjustable Yoke allows all C-Series fixtures to be used in a fixed or semi-fixed studio environment, perfect for studios, theaters, museums, and more! Exchange heavy traditional lights with a cool-running, low power draw, high color rendering source; easily controllable by wired or wireless DMX. Mounting tabs on either side of the yoke allow easy power accessory placement for batteries or power strips, while a C-clamp mounts firmly to either trusses or overhead grids.


  • Pipe Clamp Mount
  • Adjustable 100mm mounting ring for all C-Series fixtures
  • Two Mounting Points for Battery Plates and Power Supply Mounting Brackets

Inside the Box:

  • Studio Style Adjustable Yoke