Hive Lighting Flood Reflector Kit



Hive Lighting Flood Reflector Kit

The Flood Reflector kit combines the flood reflector with lenses and barndoors.  This small flood reflector produces a fixed 40° beam and a smooth even field on our 200-C, 200-CX and Super Hornet 575-C.  On our smaller CX and C-Series lights including 25CX, 50-C, 100-C, 100-CX it produces a tighter 22° beam.  The 3 Lens set uses Rosco’s Opti-Sculpt filters mounted into 5” durable aluminum rings.   The Medium, Wide and Super Wide lenses provide precise angular beam control and paired with Hive’s Flood Reflector these lenses accurately control and shape the light with increased brightness over traditional diffusion filters.

Inside the Box:

  • Flood Reflector Attachment
  • Barndoors
  • 3 Lens Set (Medium, Wide, Super Wide) w/ Bag


  • All Hive Omni-Color LEDs

Additional information

Weight 12.00 lbs



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