Blackmagic Design Mini Converter – Optical Fiber 12G


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Blackmagic Mini Converter – Optical Fiber 12G

Announcing the Blackmagic Mini Converter Optical Fiber 12G, a bi directional SDI to optical fiber converter that lets customers extend SDI connections up to 10 miles away.

Blackmagic Mini Converter Optical Fiber 12G is a compact converter that extends SDI connections over massive distances by converting SDI to optical fiber and optical fiber to SDI in both directions at the same time. Using the Blackmagic Mini Converter Optical Fiber 12G is an affordable way to increase camera coverage at live events because it lets broadcasters place cameras up to 10 miles away from their switchers, routers, and decks using low cost optical fiber cable. That makes it perfect for placing cameras around any studio, for use at outdoor sporting events or even concerts and theatrical performances in large venues.

The converter is also bi directional which means that it can simultaneously send different video formats in different directions at the same time. Depending on the video format being used, signals can be sent up to 10 miles away from the source. Plus, the advanced 12G-SDI connections on Mini Converter Optical Fiber 12G are multi rate. That means they automatically detect the video signal and switch speeds so they are compatible with all SD, HD and Ultra HD formats and equipment up to 2160p60, including Level A and B devices.

Mini Converter Optical Fiber 12G features a standard SFP type socket that lets customers add any SMPTE compatible 3G, 6G or 12G-SDI SFP module. It also works with the same of low cost optical fiber cables that are commonly used for computer networks. This type of optical fiber cable can be run much longer distances and is much more affordable than copper SDI cable.

For power, Mini Converter Optical Fiber 12G includes a universal power supply with 4 international socket adapters so it can be used anywhere in the world. It also features a screw lock connector that prevents the power cord from being accidentally disconnected.

“The Blackmagic Mini Converter Optical 12G is exciting because it gives customers an incredibly reliable and cost effective way to extend their SDI connections,” said Grant Petty, CEO, Blackmagic Design. “Now it’s possible to connect equipment such as remote cameras to decks and switchers up to 10 miles away plus it’s a true 12G-SDI design so it’s ready for the future. Best of all, it works in both directions so you can convert different SD, HD or Ultra HD video standards in each direction. It’s like getting two converters in one!”

Blackmagic Mini Converters are part of a large family of professional broadcast converters that includes incredibly affordable Micro Converters as well as advanced models with a massively increased range of features. This range includes 3G, 6G and 12G-SDI models that are compatible with SD, HD and Ultra HD all the way up to high frame rate 2160p60. Blackmagic Mini Converters and Teranex Mini converters feature support for a wide range of connections such as balanced analog and AES/EBU audio, redundant inputs, analog video, optical fiber and more.

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