Blackmagic Design ATEM Television Studio 4K8


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Blackmagic Design ATEM Television Studio 4K8

This is a powerful Ultra HD live production switcher similar to the non ISO HD model, however includes 8 x 12G-SDI inputs, 10 12G-SDI aux outputs for external recorders, 4 port 10G Ethernet switch and more!


The World’s Most Portable All-In-One Television Studio!

The new ATEM Television Studio is a professional live production switcher built into a broadcast control panel so it can be used for high end work while being extremely portable. This means you can use it in small venues that don’t have the access for equipment racks or broadcast vans. You get a powerful switcher with 8 standards converted SDI inputs, aux outputs, 4 chroma keyers, 2 downstream keyers, SuperSource, 2 media players and lots of transitions! Plus it includes a whole television studio of features such as hardware streaming, recording, audio mixer, talkback, multiview and optional internal network shared storage. There’s even an ISO model that records all 8 inputs for editing!


Bring Multi-Camera Live Production To Any Location!


Compact Broadcast Vans

With the all in one design, you can build a new generation of ultra compact broadcast vans! You don’t need racks of equipment, so you can eliminate clutter for a much nicer work environment. For stability, you can even mount the switcher inset into the desk!


Music Venues and Clubs

Some of the most exciting venues, such as downstairs music venues or comedy clubs, are too small for racks of video equipment. However ATEM Television Studio can be carried into any venue! It’s also easy to pack up, even if the venue is still crowded.


Online Education

ATEM Television Studio is perfect for creating education content! As the ISO model records the video inputs, you can finesse edits, replace shots and even add color correction! Plus you can even connect to Zoom to incorporate live chat with students!


Live Sports

ATEM Television Studio is perfect for live sports because it has a simple design that’s easy for community volunteers to use. It can be installed into sports clubs or taken on the road with the team! With up to 8 cameras, you’ll catch all the exciting angles!


Self Contained Broadcast Quality Switcher

The ATEM Television Studio combines a switcher and control panel into the same unit, so it’s extremely portable. You get everything you need! The front panel includes buttons for selecting sources, triggering transitions and setting up video effects. Plus the buttons are the same high-end type used on expensive broadcast switchers! You also get a built in t-bar for manual transition control! The front panel even has an innovative audio mixer control area with live metering on a dedicated LCD. There are also buttons for recording and streaming control, plus live aux switching that lets you change aux outputs between all 8 cameras, program, preview or the multiview.


Connect up to 8 Broadcast Cameras

With 8 SDI video inputs, ATEM Television Studio lets you connect multiple cameras for different views of the performance. Video cameras with SDI outputs, such as Blackmagic Studio Camera or Blackmagic URSA Broadcast G2, are much better quality as they have better low light performance and use professional lenses. All video sources will re-sync to the switcher, even if they operate at different video standards. Everything just works so setup on location is easy and you don’t have to worry about technical problems. Imagine taking advantage of the creative freedom of multi camera live production for interviews, advertorials, theater productions, music performances, sports and more!


Includes Production, Post Production and Distribution!

Live Production

You get an incredibly powerful 8 input switcher with both program and aux outputs so you have everything you need for mobile production. That means you can connect up to 8 cameras! Plus you get professional camera control, talkback and audio mixing all designed into a familiar broadcast panel.


Post Production

The ISO model records all inputs into separate files so you can edit using any NLE that supports multi-cam! That’s possible because all files have perfect timecode sync! Plus with built in network storage, you can edit while recording! Multiple users can even share media and collaborate!



With a built in hardware streaming engine, you can live stream your event to a global audience! Recording to H.264 files with AAC audio means you get the correct format to upload to YouTube. Plus you share live broadcasts with your audience by using the aux outputs and large screens and projectors!


Easy to Use and Fast to Learn!

There’s never been a switcher that’s easier to use, as you simply press any of the program row buttons on the front panel to cut between video sources. Or you can pre select a source on the preview row and then choose between cut or effect transitions by selecting the cut or auto buttons. You can select from exciting transitions such as dissolve, or more dramatic effects such as dip to color, DVE squeeze and DVE push. You can even add a DVE for picture in picture effects with customized graphics. There are also media players which let you store graphics with alpha channels for titles and graphics that you can load as live video inputs. Then you can live stream the results!


True Broadcast Style Mix Effects Switching

ATEM Television Studio uses a professional program/preview style of operation, which is exactly the way large broadcasters use live production switchers! However ATEM Television Studio can be switched to A/B style switching, which is easier when it’s used by volunteers or community groups. However, if you want to operate the switcher like a broadcast professional then the program/preview is perfect! This means a source won’t be put on air until you press the cut or auto button. This 2 step process means you see what you are selecting before putting it to air, so you get fewer mistakes. Plus program/preview operation is a fantastic way to train students for a career in broadcast television!


Easy to Add Exciting Video Effects!

One of the benefits of ATEM Television Studio is the range of professional built in video effects! The cut button ensures an instant cut when switching between sources. The t-bar fader can be used to transition video effects, or you can do the transition automatically by pressing the auto button. Auto uses the transition duration set in the system control. You can also select the type of effect you want including mix, which does a smooth transition between sources, or dip which transitions via a third video source, such as a color generator. There is a wide range of SMPTE wipes included, plus fun DVE effects that slide or squeeze the image off screen when transitioning between video sources!


Includes Loads of Extremely Creative Transitions!

ATEM Television Studio includes the same kind of transitions found on expensive broadcast switchers. This means the effects and transitions can be customized in many different ways, so they are surprisingly powerful. You’ll never stop finding new ways of using them! That’s because all transitions can be customized by adjusting parameters such as duration, border color, border width, position and direction. You can even use the DVE with a wipe transition, where the DVE moves a graphic over the wipe edge. That’s called a graphic wipe and it’s often used in sports broadcasting. The preview transition button can be used to set up effects offline, which is great for eliminating mistakes.


Built in DVE for Broadcast Video Effects

ATEM Television Studio features an independent DVE that lets you reposition graphics and create picture in picture compositions. You get amazing quality and the DVE supports position, resize and scale, all in real time. The DVE lets you create professional picture in picture effects with customizable 3D borders, shadows and lighting. DVEs can also be used to create amazing DVE transitions with squeeze, swoosh and push effects for adding excitement to your programming. You can even combine DVE transitions with custom graphics to create your own graphic wipe transitions! Pus there is also a SuperSource multi layer processing engine with 4 extra DVEs!


Supports Internal Media for Stills and Motion Graphics

The built in media pool stores broadcast quality graphics and animations that can be played back using the built in media players. Media players appear as independent sources so you don’t need to waste any of the SDI inputs for graphics. For highest quality, all media supports RGB colorspace with alpha channel, allowing transparency and layering. The media pool can hold 20 HD or Ultra HD resolution stills. Depending on the model, motion graphics clips for animations and stingers can be up to 720 frames in 720HD, 360 frames in 1080HD and 90 frames in 2160 Ultra HD. The ATEM Software Control allows you to upload and manage media. You can even prepare graphics in Adobe Photoshop and then download to the media pool using the free ATEM Photoshop plug-in!


Includes 4 ATEM Advanced Chroma Keyers

ATEM Television Studio is perfect for news and on-set presentation work because it features 4 ATEM Advanced Chroma Keyers for green screen keying effects. The chroma keyers are incredibly powerful and include features such as a color picker to sample background colors for automatic generation of the key parameters. You get precise controls for edge and flare, and there is even a foreground color corrector so you can match the foreground and background layers for seamless compositions. You can even use it for title overlays by creating graphics with a green or blue background. With 4 ATEM Advanced Chroma Keyers, ATEM Television Studio is perfect for creating fixed camera virtual sets!


Powerful SuperSource Processing!

In addition to the DVE in the ATEM Television Studio, there is also a powerful SuperSource multi layer processor! SuperSource gives you 4 extra DVE layers plus a background layer, all layered together as an additional input source. Any video input can be used as sources for each DVE, then it’s all layered together over a media pool custom background or live video. SuperSource is perfect for doing multiple picture in picture displays with people being interviewed because you can set up the effect so the viewer can see each person being interviewed all within a stylish graphic. SuperSource is just like having a completely independent multi-layer VFX switcher built in!


Up to 8 Standards Converted SDI Inputs!

The ATEM Television Studio HD models feature 8 independent 3G-SDI inputs, and the 4K model has 8 12G-SDI inputs. Each SDI input has a dedicated standards converter so any 720 HD, 1080 HD or 2160 Ultra HD input source will be converted to the standard of the switcher! That means each SDI input could have a different television standard and all inputs will just work! SDI input audio channels 1, 2, 3 and 4 can also be manually routed to various embedded audio channels in the program and aux outputs. Plus you can even router out audio channels 1 and 2 from the SDI inputs to the MADI digital audio output, so you can hand off the switcher input audio to an external audio engineer for mixing.


Professional SDI Outputs with 16 Channel Embedded Audio

The ATEM Television Studio includes up to nine SDI program outputs so you get enough connections to send a separate program return feed to all of your cameras! That’s important because the SDI program return is used to send tally, talkback and control information back to the cameras! You also get dedicated aux outputs for driving stage monitors and master recorders. Two of the aux outputs can be live switched using dedicated buttons on the control panel! One of the aux outputs also includes an on screen counter for presenter monitoring. Plus you can manually route audio into all 16 embedded audio channels in the SDI outputs! There’s also a dedicated 3G-SDI and HDMI output for the multiview.


Built In Audio Mixer with 6 B and EQ, Compressor and Limiter

With a built in Fairlight audio mixer, ATEM Television Studio makes it possible to do complex live sound mixing. The internal mixer features enough channels for all SDI inputs, as well as extra channels for the XLR, RCA and MADI inputs! Each input channel features the highest quality 6 band parametric EQ, compressor, limiter, expander and noise gate as well as level and pan controls. You can mix all these input channels together at the same time, or you can set video sources to “audio follow video”. The audio mixer is extremely powerful and it can be adjusted from the front panel using the dedicated audio mixer controls and LCD. Plus you can also mix audio using ATEM Software Control!


Built-in Multiview Supports16 Sources on a Single Monitor

When doing larger live productions with multiple cameras, it’s vital to see all your video sources at the same time on a single monitor. ATEM Television Studio includes a professional multiview that lets you see all video inputs, preview and program on a single SDI or HDMI monitor. You can even send the multiview to the aux outputs! Each camera view includes tally indicators so you know when each source is on-air, plus each view has custom labels and audio meters. You can fully customize the multiview layout with up to 16 simultaneous views! You can also select one of the additional status views that lets you track recording, streaming and the audio mixer status, right from the multiview!


Live Stream to a Global Audience!

ATEM Television Studio has a built in hardware streaming engine for live streaming to a global audience! That means you can live stream to services such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitch in better video quality and without dropped frames. Streaming works using the Ethernet connection to the internet, or you can connect a smartphone to use mobile data! Then you simply select the streaming service and enter the streaming key using ATEM Software Control. This makes streaming easy to setup, and the convenient data rate indicator shows the internet speed required. If you’re technically minded, you can even update the streaming profiles in an XML settings file to add new services!


Connect 5G or 4G Phones for Mobile Data

If you’re doing live production on location then the ATEM Television Studio supports mobile data by connecting an Apple or Android phone to the USB port. It’s also a great backup for the main Ethernet connection. Phone tethering works with the latest high speed 5G phones plus the more common 4G phones! The ATEM switcher will detect when a phone is connected and automatically switch its internet connection to use it if the Ethernet connection is lost. When connected, the phone will also power from the USB port so it always remains charged and ready to go. By using phone tethering and mobile data, you get the perfect mobile production solution that can be transported anywhere!


Outputs to Any Software that Supports USB Webcams!

You can use any video software with ATEM Television Studio because the USB connection will emulate a webcam! That means you can plug into a computer and use any video software that works with a webcam. The software is tricked into thinking the ATEM Television Studio is a common webcam, but it’s really a live production switcher! That guarantees full compatibility with any video software and in full resolution 1080HD quality. Imagine doing a presentation from a professional broadcast studio to software such as Zoom, Teams or Skype! For streaming, the webcam output also works with streaming software such as Open Broadcaster, XSplit Broadcaster and more!


Record to Internal Storage or USB Disks!

ATEM Television Studio supports recording to external USB flash disks! Or if an optional M.2 flash disk is installed, you can record directly to internal network shared storage! The internal storage plus any external USB disks will be available to share over the local Ethernet network so other people can work on post production tasks such as editing, color correction and graphics preparation. All recordings are in H.264 format with AAC audio for broadcast quality video and small file sizes. You can also connect multiple USB disks, so recording will continue if a disk becomes full. You even get buttons on the control panel to start recording and you can see record status in the multiview!


Internal Storage Supports Multiple Users

The ATEM Television Studio is also a fast network disk if you install an optional M.2 flash memory card inside the switcher! Flash memory is extremely fast so it can keep up with recording multiple ISO video files while lots of external simultaneous users all work on separate computers for editing, color correction, VFX and audio post production. Plus the internal network storage is extremely easy to set up! You can also sync the storage to Dropbox and Google Drive, so recordings can be distributed between other ATEM Television Studios or Blackmagic Cloud Stores in different locations, even on lower cost internet connections. That’s the perfect global media sync solution!


Edit Live Production with Separate ISO Recordings!

The ATEM Television Studio HD ISO model allows you to edit your live event as it can record all inputs to separate video files! You get 8 separate video input files with matching timecode and sync, plus the program video is also recorded into a separate master video file. This means you can edit using any NLE software that supports multi-cam editing! You can use any edit software that supports multi-cam because all input ISO video files will have matching timecode and be in perfect sync! Now it’s easy to re-edit your show after the event, so your work will be absolutely perfect! Plus audio is recorded into separate WAV files so you can even professionally remix your audio!


Distribute Files Globally

With support for Dropbox and Google Drive sync, you can share files globally. That’s extremely important when working with video files that have long record durations so become large. If you need to work in multiple locations, then each user needs to have instant access to these files, even when most internet connections are too slow. While the internet is often too slow to access large video files in real time, it is perfect for syncing files to a storage provider such as Dropbox or Google Drive. Multiple Blackmagic Cloud Stores can sync down for local access in each location. Then everyone has a copy of their media on local network storage. It’s the simplest solution for global media sync!


Add Cloud Service

Make sure your ATEM Television Studio is connected to the internet. Enter in your Dropbox or Google Drive account details, so the switcher can get access to allow sync.


Set Sync Folders

Next you need to set the sync folders. That tells the ATEM Television Studio where to sync its files to the remote Dropbox or Google Drive. You can have multiple sync folders for different jobs!


Set Sync Direction

Now set the sync direction. One direction is good when you have local files you want to share, but not enough room for everyone’s files. Both directions means everyone gets the same set of files.

Connect to Remote Internet Cameras!


Includes Free ATEM Software Control Panel

The ATEM Software Control app unlocks the hidden power of ATEM Television Studio by allowing access to all the features in the switcher. ATEM Software Control features a visual switcher user interface with parameter palettes for making adjustments. Although you can connect via USB, if you connect using Ethernet you can run multiple copies of ATEM Software Control on different computers! The software lets you live switch, mix audio, color correct in the cameras and manage media. You can also build and run complex macros from the software! Plus you can save the switcher state as an XML file for recalling jobs later! You can even control trigger external HyperDeck recorders.


Localized for 13 Popular Languages

ATEM Television Studio supports multiple languages in the menus and in the ATEM Software Control, so you can customize it to the language you prefer. You get support for English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Polish and Ukrainian languages. Simply go into the setup menu to change the language, or you can always switch to another language at any time in the future. Once a language is selected, the menus on all the LCDs will change to the selected language. Multiple language support means ATEM Television Studio is perfect for doing live production work anywhere in the world and with any crew!


Designed to Be Easy to Repair

With so many features built in, it’s vital that ATEM Television Studio can be easily repaired! Plus, there is already a lot of built in redundancy, with 4 Ethernet connections, up to 9 program SDI outputs, 2 USB ports and 2 power connections! However if someone trips on a cable and breaks a connector, then you need to be able to repair the connector at low cost. All the internal electronic PCBs are modular, so any qualified technician can buy a replacement and easily swap the board. This includes the connector PCBs, which can be purchased separately. All the technician needs to do is remove the bottom cover and replace the PCB! A large broadcaster could even buy the boards as a spare parts kit!


Flexible and Redundant Power

The all in one design of ATEM Television Studio includes a built in power supply so you don’t have to carry around an external power brick! Simply plug it into any AC mains outlet and start live production. The international power supply automatically works from 100 to 240V AC, so you can use it anywhere in the world. Plus, ATEM Television Studio includes both AC and DC power connections. A broadcast standard XLR 12V DC power connection is included which is perfect for backup power or for running on batteries. That means you can use it in extremely remote locations! Plus, if the internal power supply should malfunction, then you can simply connect an external DC supply to keep running!


Add Audio Expansion for More Microphones

If you’re building a podcasting studio or you need more microphones, then the ATEM Microphone Converter allows audio input expansion. It connects to the ATEM Television Studio using the MADI port, so there’s no complex setup and you can daisy chain units to add more inputs. Each converter has 4 analog inputs that are mic/line selectable and have phantom power. The design features amazing quality with an extremely low noise floor of -129dBV, a dynamic range of 131dB(A), low distortion of 0.002% and uniform tolerances across all channels. It even uses 8 separate ADCs on each input to collectively extend the dynamic range! Plus it has a fun HDMI monitoring output with scrolling audio waveforms!


Add The Ultimate Compact Studio Camera!

When you need cameras that are perfectly designed for ATEM Television Studio then the new Blackmagic Studio Cameras are an ideal choice! Blackmagic Studio Cameras have the same features as large studio cameras, miniaturized into a single compact and portable design. Plus with digital film camera dynamic range and color science, the cameras can handle extremely difficult lighting conditions while producing cinematic looking images. The sensor features an ISO up to 25,600 so you can create amazing images even in dimly lit venues. Advanced features include talkback, tally, camera control, built in color corrector and Blackmagic RAW recording. You can even add focus and zoom controllers!


Match Cameras with an ATEM Camera Control Panel

When working on live production, it’s critical all cameras are perfectly color matched for a consistent look as you transition between different sources. ATEM Television Studio has camera control built in, however if you add a dedicated ATEM Camera Control Panel then you can adjust cameras using the same style of controls that are standard in the broadcast industry. Each camera controller includes an LCD screen with buttons and knobs for live camera adjustments, so you get a very clear indication of each camera’s parameters. The large joystick allows direct adjustment of iris and rotates to set black level. There are even red, green and blue knobs for fine control of camera color tint!


Compatible with Blackmagic Cameras, Panels, Decks and More!

ATEM Television Studio is even more powerful as it can be expanded to grow with you. Blackmagic Studio Cameras are a great solution as they are a professional broadcast studio cameras with tally, talkback and camera control, all miniaturized into a small and portable design. Of course, the full URSA Broadcast G2 is a broadcast style camera that uses B4 lenses, and has optional SMPTE fiber connections. If you want to control cameras using the same style of control broadcasters use, then you can add an ATEM Camera Control Panel for control and color balancing of up to four cameras. For mastering, Blackmagic HyperDeck Studio recorders allow you to add recording in ProRes and DNx formats.


1.Blackmagic URSA Broadcast G2

Designed for broadcast and live production, you get a 6K sensor with +36dB of gain, wide dynamic range and B4 lens mount. Records internally in Blackmagic RAW, ProRes, H.264 and H.265 file formats.


2.Blackmagic Studio Viewfinder G2

Turn URSA Broadcast G2 into the ultimate live camera with a large professional 7 inch studio viewfinder!


3.Blackmagic Camera Fiber Converter

Connect cameras to live switchers up to 2 km away using SMPTE fiber, with all video, control and power, connected over a single cable!


4.Blackmagic Studio Fiber Converter

Connects to remote cameras up to 2 km away while converting the SMPTE fiber signals to regular 12G-SDI and multiple channels of return video, control and power all over the SMPTE fiber cable!


5.Blackmagic Studio Camera 4K Pro G2

Compact studio camera with cinematic low light 4K sensor, MFT lens mount, HDMI, 12G-SDI, 10G Ethernet IP link, bright HDR LCD, talkback, color corrector, recording to USB disks and HD live streaming.


6.HyperDeck Studio HD Mini

Miniaturized deck records H.264, ProRes or DNxHD files onto SD/UHS-II cards or external USB disks in SD/HD formats to 1080p60. Includes timecode and reference generators, 3G-SDI in/out and HDMI out.


7.HyperDeck Studio HD Pro

Includes all the features of HyperDeck Studio Mini, but adds 2 SSD slots and 2 SD card slots. Also includes machined metal search dial with clutch, SDI monitor out and XLR timecode connections.


8.ATEM Camera Control Panel

Control up to 4 cameras at the same time using the same controls used on high end broadcast camera controllers. Controls iris, shutter speed, white balance, master gain, pedestal, RGB and more!

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