AIDA Imaging Portable Wireless Video & Control Transmitter with PoE+ Injection / NPF Battery Support


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AIDA Imaging Portable Wireless Video & Control Transmitter with PoE+ Injection / NPF Battery Support

Let’s face it. Wireless transmission has never been the solution to live streaming… That was until the IPCOMM-POE came along.

With the power to inject PoE+ power into any camera via DC12V or a NPF-Battery (not included), you can easily take your video creations wirelessly onto any Wi-Fi router, sending IP video or IP control flawlessly as far as your router can reach!

This solution brings a whole new level of broadcasting opportunity for on-the-go, non-mounting solutions! So bring on this revolution, and start streaming wireless today!

Connect to any Wi-Fi router with EASE!

Its as easy as locally connecting your IPCOMM-POE to your computer, connecting to the Wi-Fi router, and following the steps to get wireless transmission started!

Bringing Power to a Camera near you!

With the ability to use the DC12V or NPF type battery (sold separately,) you can supply beloved PoE+ power to your camera, simultaneously powering and sending video and control over the network!

Multiband-lingual kind of device..

With the power to connect to a 2.4GHz or 5GHz Wi-Fi router, the IPCOMM-POE has you covered on almost any router out on the field or market!

Unlimited Potential

With a mobile setup, you bring any IP camera power, video transmission, and control over a wireless network. With nothing holding the camera down, this brings unlimited potential to any streaming solution you can think of at a GREAT price!

Video Streaming

From 720p to 4K video, up to 50 kbps (depends on signal strength and distance from router)

NPF Battery Capable

Use 12VDC power input for unlimited use, or a NPF battery for complete wireless freedom!

1/4 20″ Mounting

Per usual – the IPCOMM-POE has 3 mounting holes on the bottom of the device

Housing BUILT to last

With AIDA’s special hardened aluminum housing formula, you can expect your IPCOMM-POE to perform when, and where you need it most!

Kbps based, not resolution!

With the ability to send up to 50kbps MAX, you can send fluid 720 to 4K video with ease over your network! Some things to note to achieve this ideal scenario:

  • Limit the amount of obstacles between the router and IPCOMM-POE
  • Ensure the signal strength seen when setting the IPCOMM-POE up is above 60%
  • Ensure the bandwidth sent by the camera to the router is within 2Kbps~50kbps, this mostly depends on your signal strength. Anything higher will cause delay and video rupturing.