Inexpensive HDMI Live-Streaming Encoder for Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, and More

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UrayCoder HDMI

What I like:

Video loop out so that what is going into the Encoder gets passed onto a HDMI monitor so you see what the Encoder sees.

Audio input (3.5mm “mini” stereo input) so you get audio from your mixer.

Auto-Start encoding — if you boot the device, it starts encoding. This allows you to power up and shut down a switch on a UPS or similar system and know that in about 15 seconds, you will be LIVE.

QUICK start up time. The time for many encoders to boot and start encoding can be MINUTES (i.e. Teradek VidiU), but this device can boot (or reboot) in about 10 seconds).

HLS and SRT encoding. This more specialized and most will not use it, but if you wanted to broadcast to dedicated Mobile apps or Roku devices, you could encoder the HLS (adaptive bitrate encoding) with multiple streams from a single device. SRT support is great for getting from this device to a receiver somewhere else (haven’t test it yet).

Unbelievable price (I’ve only been using it a few days… as long as it stays rock solid).

Schedulable reboot. For a device costing less than $250, if you are going to stream 24/7/365 (i.e. like a TV channel), you will find the need to reboot to keep it from getting screwy… (In my experience). Having that be able to be scheduled, automated, and just happen — amazing.

What I DO NOT like:

Need to understand how to set a manual IP address on your computer to set it up initially. (Not hard, just necessary)

At this price, I cannot imagine their support is going to blow you away… so if you’re doing CRITICAL streaming… buy an extra (at the price… buy 2).

NOTE: this link is an Affiliate link to Amazon. I might make a referral commission… but with Amazon these days… who can tell.


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