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Aaron Cozort, owner and founder of Cozort, LLC, understands the complexity for established businesses in a 21st-century fast-paced technological world. His years spent as a technology enthusiast, and professional has led Aaron to become a trusted technology provider and partner for companies and organizations throughout the Mid-South.

Aaron’s focus is real solutions for real businesses problems. Solving those problems at a scale and cost that maintains a high ROI. With a business approach of dedication to the long-term value of a customer relationship, Cozort, LLC keeps cost low and efficiency high for companies with an array of technological mandates and requirements.

When you’re looking for a long-term technology partner that will move your business forward, optimize your workflows, knows advanced web, multimedia, and IT systems, will analyze and implement real solutions for real problems, and most importantly is someone you can trust – consider Aaron Cozort and Cozort, LLC.



  • Aaron Cozort began teaching himself web design and development in the early 2000s.
  • He served as the IT and FM Radio Administrator for a national religious broadcast organization for five years, managing 24/7 broadcast IT requirements in addition to managing the construction and implementation of 12 FM broadcast radio stations across the country.
  • In 2015, Aaron founded Cozort, LLC, with a dedication to bring technological solutions to business problems and to solve many operational hurdles through the power of automation. Cozort, LLC has become a trusted partner for numerous national non-profit organizations and local businesses in the Mid-South.
  • Cozort, LLC currently maintains contacts to create and maintain websites that range from single-page websites to sites with multimedia libraries containing 10,000+ hours of audio and video content. Each project has a unique focus on automation, solving business processes, and a cost/value proposition unmatched by other providers.
  • Aaron has managed website projects for numerous organizations scaling from $500 - $50,000+, and mission-critical I.T. resources requiring capacity of 200+ Terabytes of data.
  • For Cozort, LLC, no project is complete until the client has the results they were guaranteed.
Aaron Cozort, Owner, Cozort, LLC