Build Your Church Website - 101

  • If you have arrived here from a link shared with you, here's the low-down on what is going on.

    I am putting together a group to be beta testers of an online course I'm building. The course will help members of churches of Christ to learn how to build a website for their own congregation.

    I am the owner of a Cozort, LLC, an I.T. support and web design business. I build and maintain websites for hundreds of congregations, but I am getting asked to do more websites than I can manage on my own.

    Instead of drowning in work, my solution is to teach others to build their own websites if they have at least a moderate level of technical knowledge (i.e. they are already familiar with how to use a computer, what different types of files are, etc).

    The hope would be that this could help the local congregation and maybe even supply some additional income for the people who go through the course (if they know other congregations that need a website as well but don't have anyone with the knowledge).

    If this sounds like something that would be of interest to you, please fill out and submit the form below.

    Aaron J. Cozort
    Owner: Cozort, LLC
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    The beta course will be available during the month of July and should take 1-2 weeks to complete.
    This is a basic evaluation, more details to follow. Do not be intimidated by this question, its only to know how to evaluate your feedback from the course so we can better design this course.
    This question will allow us to better understand the tools and programs people are familiary
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